Saturday, February 20, 2021

J Town Artist, Songwriter @Witty_Cruz, seen in a hilarious comedy skit.😯😯😯

Wow, The J Town Entertainment industry can’t seize To Amaze us with thrilling, surprising and hilarious activities, and it’s really making the engagement in the j town entertainment industry fun and better.

Where by, the likes of J town’s Uprising and upcoming Artist @witty_cruz was being sighted in a funny and very hilarious comedy. Not only that, I was shocked and surprised when I found out that the script of the comedy was written by him, the editing was done by him, virtually everything about the comedy skit was done by @witty_cruz

I can’t really say, but is the J town artist thinking about leaving the music part of entertainment In the industry to join the Comedy industry?? This I can’t really say?

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I guess you can’t stop laughing either, same Here with me.

We just can’t resist the fact that the J town Entertainment industry is getting more better and interesting.

What do you think?

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